KEF CI80.2qr

KEF CI80.2qr


The popular Soundlight Series is yet another major innovation form KEF. When installed, Soundlight speakers are so tiny that they blend in with halogen light fixtures yet will amaze you with their astonishing performance, thanks to KEF’s patented Uni-Q’s exceptionally wide dispersion.

Model Ci80.2QR

Nominale Impedantie

Gevoeligheid (2.83V @ 1m) 85dB

Frequentierespons +/-6dB 2pi/open achterzijde 100 – 27kHz

Frequentierespons +/-6dB met luchtkamer / afsluiting 130 – 27kHz

Scheidingsfilterfrequentie 3kHz

Drive Units (LF / MF / HF) 80mm / – / 15mm

Aanbevolen Versterkervermogen 10-50W

Kenmerken Uni-Q Array, Removeable Plastic Back Can

Uitwendige Afmetingen Product (Diameter / Breedte / Diepte) 103mm (4.06in.) / – / 140mm (5.51in.)

Afmetingen uitsnede (Diameter) 97mm (3.82in.)

Inbouwdiepte 80mm (3.15in.) / 139mm (5.47in.)

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