DLS Flatbox XXL B

DLS Flatbox XXL B


Flatbox XXL Black

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The largest model of Flatbox with a perfect sound to suit all environments. A design speaker, the perfect choice if you want a great looking speaker with great sound. It can be used as a front or rear speaker, or as a center of a surround system or why not as a speaker for your 2-channel stereo system. The thin and flexible design makes it suitable for everywhere.

Technically, it is a 2.5-way base reflex. 1x 4 “driver in a tuned cavity for clean bass and 2x 4” for bass / space. This in combination with our best 30 mm tweeter results in a natural warm and embracing sound with detailed bass / midrange reproduction and a crystal-clear treble. The back has seven keyhole brackets that allow it to be hung both vertically and horizontally.

Choose between white silk matte finish and black piano color, black and white grill included in both versions.

Description / 2-way bass reflex for wall mount
Finish / Black piano finish with black and white front grille
Impedance 4 ohm
Woofer size 1 x 4″ + 2 x 4″ bass / mid drivers
Tweeter 30 mm soft dome
Frequency range 58 Hz – 25 kHz
Sensitivity 90 dB / 1W, 1m
Recommended amplifier 30 – 200 W, 4 – 8 ohm impedance
Dimension (W x D x H) 240 x 92 x 940 mm / 9,5″ x 3,6″ x 37″
Weight 11,1 kg / 24,5 lbs



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