Accustic Arts Amp 1

Accustic Arts Amp 1


The AMP I – MK 2 is an audiophile stereo output amplifier with 4 powerful, selected MOSFET transistors respectively per channel. The driver stage works according to the principle of the current mirror. This circuit principle enables power to be drawn from an existing current. The AMP I is therefore a power-controlled output amplifier with the MOSFET transistors ensuring a very high current capacity.

The AMP I – MK 2 is also suitable for impedance critical or low-ohm loudspeaker systems (up to 2 Ω). Ingenious circuitry removes the need for a servo controller for offset and quiescent current is generated via the IC (OPA606) or current mirror driver. As a result, direct and alternating current errors (DC and music signal errors) are immediately corrected. This means the total offset is exclusively determined by the quality and symmetry of the used ICs. The circuitry is also designed to minimise the signal paths and ensure that only the needed components are in the signal path.

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